What is an “unplugged” wedding ceremony and should we have one?

It may have been a worry of yours, banning mobile phones during your wedding ceremony, but these days it’s becoming a popular choice with couples who want to make sure their guests are being present during their ceremony and making mental memories rather than ones for the ‘gram. 

The phrase “unplugged” has been coined to describe weddings where family and friends are asked to put their electronics away, but what are the benefits of this?

  1. Auntie Shannon won’t be stood in the aisle as you’re walking down trying to get a photo of you to show her friends at bingo, whilst ruining your actual professional wedding photos. (Yes, this has happened!)
  2. Your ceremony photos won’t end up on social media, you control what photos get shared with extended family or friends who couldn’t make your special day. No photos of you blinking or unflattering angles.
  3. Your guests will be present, enjoying the moments rather watching them through their phones or iPads and feeling somewhat disconnected from what’s happening around them.
  4. When looking through the photos from your wedding ceremony you’ll be able to see the faces of your guests, not their phones blocking them as they film your ceremony only for it to be stored on their phone and never seen again. 

Bridesmaid and flower girl holding hands


So, if you like the idea, how do you politely ask guests to pop their technology back in their bags without getting a frosty reception? 

The first option is to add it onto your invitations, then people are forewarned and know you’d rather not have people making TikTok videos of your vows.

The other option is to ask the person performing your ceremony to make an announcement beforehand, that way they’re the bad guy, not you! 

A bridesmaid and flower girl walking down a wedding aisle

Either way, from a photographer’s point of view, we love an unplugged wedding. I’ve had many a photo ruined by someone standing out in the aisle to get their shot of the bride. As much as I’d love to be able to tackle the offender to the ground to save your photos it’s really not professional of me and I’m only 5ft 2. 

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