A Spring Wedding at the Thatch Barn, Yelling

Spring always seems like the perfect time for a wedding, less risk of there being blazing sun so bad your guests all get burnt, but likely to be a milder temperature than a winter wedding.

On Beth and Nick’s wedding day we ended up battling serious wind, something I’ve never had to deal with quite so relentlessly at a wedding before, but we made it work.

Beth decided to get ready for the wedding at home with her three bridesmaids. The benefit of doing bridal prep at home is that you have more time to think “have I forgotten anything?” You’re ready by the time you walk out the door and you don’t have to do a rush around for last minute bits and bobs. 

Matching bridesmaids robes always look lovely in photos. My tip for future brides is that a lot of these will end up being sold again on eBay or Vinted, so if you’d like to save some money and do your part for the environment it’s always worth checking these sites before buying new.

The Thatch Barn in Yelling has everything you need for your wedding. Beautiful grounds, a church opposite if you choose to have a church ceremony, outdoor space for photos and a spacious area indoors for seating and evening entertainment.  

In the fields adjacent to where the wedding guests have their canapés there’s a beautiful area often full of flowers. We were lucky to catch the daffodils just before they completely went over. The area was muddy but Beth and I agreed that the photos would be worth the sacrifice to her wedding shoes! 

In the evening the decking is lit up with beautiful fairy lights, bringing romance and a relaxed vibe for those who want to sit outside with a drink and chat whilst the rest of the guests dance inside. 


Beth and Nick were a truly wonderful couple to work with, relaxed, happy and really easy to get along with. 

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Here are some more photos from their wedding day…


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