A very special newborn photoshoot

A very special newborn shoot

“Where’s the newborn?” You’re right, there’s isn’t one in these photos. I was due to do Rory’s newborn photoshoot last year. However, Rory decided to make an early appearance and arrive at 24 weeks. He had multiple complications and spent over 9 months in hospital before he was allowed home to his family in Cambridgeshire.
Since then he has overcome numerous other challenges including brochilitis, covid and bowel surgery, but he fought it all off!
Not only is Rory super strong but so are his parents, coping with the challenges of having a premature baby AND a pre-schooler. They may not see it as strength but I do, and I have a huge respect for them.
I’ve photographed their family before and they’re such lovely people that I felt like one thing I was able to give them were memories of their family together, so I asked Kimberley if she’d like a complimentary photoshoot to capture the moments of their family together at last. After multiple rearrangements due to illness we finally made it!

So here you are…the Byers, as a family of 4, all together as they should be.

If you’d like to book a family photoshoot then visit my Family Photoshoot page for further information on the packages I offer and details on how to contact me.

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